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Silja Danielsen

Silja Danielsen Nude Photoshoot

Silja Danielsen is a Norwegian model based in New York. She is a foodie and travel enthusiast. She was in high school when she was scouted, one was summers, when she was working a summer job at the lake putting people in boats.
Back then, she was not sure of becoming a model, despite having done some  jobs in Seattle. It was after doing a few more jobs when she really felt like herself and enjoyed it. The best part of modeling was putting on clothes that she would normally not choose.
She has signed up with plenty of modeling agencies. Silja has worked with photographers and fashion houses. In April 2018, she appeared in Welcoming Post. In the same month, she was photographed by Nick Suarez. Later, in June 2018, she has collaborated with Oliver Rodarte.

Furthermore, she loved to travel, so thanks to her  modeling career, she was able to see places such as Germany, Australia, and Paris. Silja loves living in New York as it always keeps on your toes because everyone is building their career. Another thing that she likes in NY is its abundance of places for meetings and brunch.
She loves that modeling will take you to a place where you would have never have thought of going. Once she got a job in the Alps in Austria. Moreover, she loves that there is no routine in her work, she gets to do different things with amazing people.
However, it is sad and lonely sometimes not having someone you know to share the experience. The meetings and castings cane be extremely difficult because one is judged on appearance and confidence.
She loves food, this is why she decided to become a food blogger. She grew up with a passion for cooking because of her mother. It is the reason why she loved experimenting in the kitchen. Because of her work, she traveled around the world inspired by different cultures. This encouraged her to try new recipes. Since her friends asked her for recipes, she started her blog as there was a need to share healthy and simple recipes.
Additionally, she is a fitness enthusiast as well. This is why her day starts with a cardio class, pilates work out or a run. Mostly, she makes breakfast for herself and her boyfriend. During the meal, she goes through her emails, planning her meetings, and browsing recipes. If she is not shooting, then she is mostly, meeting her clients. Her favorite place to meet is Market Ipanema in Nolita.
Silja wants to spend time in India or Japan because of its diverse cuisine and culture. She would love to know about healthy ingredients in these countries.
In the future, she might start an online market developed according to her taste and food. She will probably be releasing a Norwegian cookbook that she is working on with her mother.
So, Silja Danielsen is an accomplished model who will make a name for herself with her continuous efforts and dedication.

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